Competitive Experience

Brave Blockchain Hackathon

In the month on November in 2017, Brave conducted a 36 hour hackathon in Mahindra Ecole Centrale.

It was the first ever Blockchain based hackathon in MEC. My team and I built a blockchain based password manager for this competition.

We did not land in a winning position but it was a great experience as it was my first ever hackathon participation.


Kharagpur Winter Of Code a.k.a KWoC is an open source coding competition conducted by IIT-KGP.

This was the first time I was introduced to open source and I learnt a lot. I contributed to a couple of repositories and you can view me progress here

I completed this competition successfully and was one among the few students in India to do so.


Opencode is an open source coding competition organised by IIIT-Allahabad.

Here, I was a mentor for a project and also participated as a contributor and contributed to many repositories.

I came 2nd in this competition in terms of points and got a direct entry into Hack In The North, the biggest student hackathon in India. You can view my progress in the competition here

Hack In The North

Hack In The North a.k.a HINT is India's biggest student hackathon. Nearly 300 teams took part in this hackathon.

It's a 36 hour hackathon where my team and I built an anti depression bot that can figure out whether you're depressed or not and at the same time, it also tells you whether you'll fall into depression.

We did not secure a winning position but came in the top 30 teams.

Colaberry Data Science Hackathon

This hackathon was organised by JNTUHCEH in collaboration with Colaberry and Infogrex Technologies.

We were given 3 themes out of which we had to work on any one and I chose to work on Bitcoin price analysis. It was a 10 hour hackathon where we were judged in terms of the accuracy of our models, EDA, testing, etc.

I came 5th in this hackathon and was felicitated for the same.

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